Hi There!

Hayling Island At Sunset

My Father (who was a professional Wedding Photographer) gave me my first camera when I was about 5 or 6 years old. It was a plastic-cased Kodak Box Brownie, and I’ve spent the last 60-odd years trying to get the “perfect” shot.

I’m still trying…

But now I’ve decided to construct a new site for some of my pix – mainly street photography. I have quite a few, taken in China, Tibet, and all round Australia.

Hope you like some of them! To get started, I’ve included a pic taken (and processed) by Dad in the late 1950’s at sunset at Hayling Island, off the south coast of England. It was taken with a 35mm Leica, although he usually carried – perhaps “lugged” is the right word – a Speed Graphic plate camera.


4 comments on “Hi There!”

  1. Thank you! Dad did “have an eye” so to speak.

  2. Love your “pics” and comments Marti. It is a great pity that we were not able to spend more time together a few years ago.

  3. Thanks, Angela. Yes a great pity, still, we’re both still here and may well get together again!

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